27 Mar

C# Queue Example

The Queue is a special collection which represents first-in, first-out concept of objects.

  • An element is added to the queue using the enqueue method. The statement’s general syntax is shown below:
  • To remove an element from the queue, the dequeue method is used. The dequeue operat on returns the queue’s last element. The statement’s general syntax is given below:
object obj = queue.Dequeue();


Queue Example:

Queue queue = new Queue();

Console.WriteLine("The number of elements in the Queue: " + queue.Count);
Console.WriteLine("All objects");
foreach (Object obj in queue)

object obj1 = queue.Dequeue();
Console.WriteLine("First: " + obj1);

Console.WriteLine("Contains Obj1: " + queue.Contains("Obj1"));
Console.WriteLine("Contains Obj2: " + queue.Contains("Obj2"));

Program Output:
queue output